Skip Damaging Car Washes for A Professional Detail

Skip Damaging Car Washes for A Professional Detail

If you are like most American’s, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.  While we know the importance of regular car washes, few have the time or energy to complete this task themselves.  Thus, the age of automatic car washes was ushered in, offering a cost-effective, efficient alternative.  Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless short cut can have a devastating impact on the well-being of your car.

Dirty Water

Did you know car washes reuse their water?  While this saves them money and is undeniably much better for the environment, it is not better for your car.  In order to clean up dirty water, car washes utilize a purification system to remove impurities and subsequently recycle water again and again.  The problem is no system is perfect.  Therefore, some pesky grime will inevitably still be in the water causing scratches to appear on your paint.

Heavy Duty Chemicals

Car washes seek to make your car appear clean, while making the most profit possible.  Thus, they favor harsh, yet affordable cleaners.  Often these cleaners have bases manufactured with acid.  When you leave the touchless car wash, your car will appear sparking indeed.  The reality is these strong chemicals remove more than just dirt, including your wax, subsequently damaging your underlying paint.

Even worse are the tactics of brush and roller automatic washes.  It may seem that the brushes are baby soft, but they harbor a damaging secret.  Trapped grime, pebbles, and dirt from other vehicles stays lodged in the bristles.  When you emerge from the wash your car will gleam with permanent scratches and swirls from the brushing motion.

A Lackluster Clean

Simply put, a touch free car wash cannot remove all the dirt.  While this might not seem that big of a deal, consider nasty winter road dirt, foremostly harsh salt and other melting chemicals.  If these substances are not fully removed, overtime they will cause rust and damage to the components under your car, putting your safety in jeopardy, as well as creating expensive repairs.  Not to mention, a partial clean job keeps your car from looking its best, allowing it to get dirty even faster.

Drying That Leaves Something to Be Desired

Drying typically amounts to a bit of blowing air that doesn’t come close to fully drying your car.  Henceforth, your car will be left to air dry, promoting unsightly streaks and water spots.  Additionally, as you drive down the highway, a moist surface will quickly attract dirt and debris on your freshly cleaned vehicle.

A Better Option: A Professional Detail

If you would rather avoid the damaging results of an automatic car wash but lack the time to maintain your car at home, consider allowing a professional detail company do the job right.  The professionals take their time, hand scrubbing every inch of your car, using clean sponges, cloths, and towels to ensure your paint is cared for the way it deserves.  Never worry again about harsh brushes damaging your paint.  Additionally, since a real person is completing the washing and drying process, you can ensure no areas are missed and the car is fully dry.  Allow the professionals the opportunity to give your vehicle a superior clean!

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